More Ridiculous and Mismanaged Adventures of The Alabama Historical Commission

These 18 pages are just one example of the AHC extorting money from individuals.

These pages are public record, and are part of the recent 250 page audit of the AHC by The State Of Alabama.

If you can stomach it, you can read this report (or any others available) in its' entirety on the web by searching the word 'historical'  HERE

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Mitigation Settlement Documents (payment to Foundation)

Here are the above 18 pages captured as a single Adobe Acrobat document ==>> AHC AUDIT

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August 14, 2006
Bribery at the Alabama Historical Commission
Hello All,
    I have been in Alaska for the past two months and came home a few days ago.  I will write about my Alaska adventure later because we have more important business to talk about.  The Alabama Legislature has wisely put the Alabama Historical Commission under continuous review and oversight.  We hope to eventually make that corrupt and incompetent agency start to serve the people of Alabama.  On June 21st of this year, a 250 page report on the AHC was prepared and given to the Sunset Review Committee.  This report is mostly dry reading and most of us would not understand the reasons for some of the info in the report.  The examiner who was responsible for the report told me that his job is to find information and evidence.  This info is made available to the Sunset Committee and to the public.  The examiner does not point a finger at the bad guys.  He just shows the documentation and we must point fingers ourselves.  I have known for some time that employees of the AHC have forced people to pay bribes to them.  One particular example is recorded in the report.  I enclose all the correspondence of this extortion and will try to explain how this happened.  Remember, this is just one example and the examiner is trying to get the information on other such mitigation and bribery.  What happened was Mr. and Mrs. Morris were building a branch bank on their property in Birmingham.  The FDIC told them to get the AHC to give them a clearance letter.  This should have been done immediately by the AHC but instead the employees of the AHC namely Dr. Warner and Elizabeth Brown with consultation of their lackey lawyer Bill Little, decided to force Mr. and Mrs. Morris to pay mitigation.  (BRIBE)
Remember, these people were put in their positions during ex Governor Seigleman's reign of corruption.  Seigleman and his staff said that payoffs for positions or favors were standard operational policy.  The ex Governor has been found guilty of accepting money for favors and now faces time in prison.  Thankfully, Governor Riley has forced Dr. Warner to resign and now we need to pursue criminal action against the people who forced Mr. and Mrs. Morris to pay this bribe.  When you read the letters that were written, you must understand that these houses were not listed or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.  No property can be eligible without the owners approval.  No one had ever applied for eligibility and the owners did not want any historic listing.  The other thing to remember is that no one in Alabama can ever determine eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places.  The only person in the United States that can determine eligibility is the Keeper of the National Register in Washington D.C.  That person is Janet Snyder Mathews PHD, Associate Director of Cultural Resources and Keeper of the National Register.  We are lucky that the federal government kept this authority and did not let these greedy, power hungry bureaucrats in state have more power than they should have.  I usually believe in states rights but in this case I'm glad to have the feds keep the bad guys from legally stealing from us.  As it is, they stole from Mr. and Mrs. Morris and it was not legal.  The property was not eligible and Ms. Brown lied when she said it was.  Making Alabama citizens pay an illegal bribe is not acceptable and we must try to get our state authorities to investigate the guilty parties and force them to pay for their dirty deeds.  Hopefully, our Attorney General, Troy King, will take actions in this matter.  I will ask my legislators to see that he does and I hope you will ask yours.  Please read all these letters (page 226-243) and thank you for showing an interest in your state.  Here is a link to the letters
Steve Phillips
Southern Skin Divers

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