Legend Series

The Legend LX diaphragm first stage combines the reliability of a completely sealed unit with the ease of breathing and quality construction common to all Aqua Lung regulators.

Legend LX 1st Stage

  • Over-balanced diaphragm design delivers superior breathing performance even at increased depths.

  • Equipped with an environmentally sealed dry chamber that helps resist freezing and keeps the internal mechanism clean and dry.

  • Aqua Lung's "Air Turbo System", integrated into the forward medium pressure ports makes the regulator more responsive to a diver's demands.

  • Two high-pressure ports and four low-pressure ports, angled for optimal hose configuration.

  • Black, polyurethane coating protects the exterior metal surfaces.

  • NEW! Factory cleaned and compatible for nitrox containing up to 40% oxygen (EAN 40).

Legend LX 2nd Stage

The Legend LX adjustable balanced second stage delivers air with consistent ease regardless of tank pressure and is near neutrally buoyant in the water. Like all Aqua Lung second stages, the legend LX is equipped with the exclusive Comfo-Bite™ mouthpiece, virtually eliminating jaw fatigue.

Second Stage:

  • Pneumatically balanced second stage provides consistent ease of inhalation at any tank pressure.

  • Inhalation adjustment feature permits diver to control breathing gas delivery under a variety of diving conditions.

  • Over-sized venturi lever is easy to reach and use during the dive, but is positioned to avoid entanglement.

  • Gold titanium accent ring for reduced weight and distinctive appearance.



The Legend LX Supreme is the cold-water version of the Legend LX. It is designated by the "snowflake" which is laser-etched into the case, and by the silver titanium lock ring on the front. The Legend LX Supreme second stage is matched with the same first stage found on the Legend LX. It shares all the same performance features as the Legend LX plus the following:

  • Specifically adjusted to pass the stringent European Standards for cold water regulator performance.
  • A mouthpiece lip shield for warmth in extreme cold.
  • NEW! Factory cleaned and compatible for nitrox containing up to 40% oxygen (EAN 40).

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