Suunto's new flagship model offers you everything a diver can ask for. The Stinger is a full decompression dive computer and beautifully constructed compact-size watch in one rock-solid package. As a watch, the Stinger provides the travelling diver with dual time, calendar function, alarm clock and stopwatch. The Stinger is the only Advanced Computer Watch in the world with separate Air, Nitrox and Free/Gauge modes.

  • Nitrox display alerts with visual and audible alarms when oxygen toxicity level becomes too high
  • Free Diving/Gauge display shows you the relevant information for either dive by displaying present depth, alternative values for maximum depth, temperature, dive time, current time and dive number
  • Ceiling and Floor display alerts with audible alarm, blinking ASC TIME and upward pointing arrow notifying you that your dive has become a decompression stop dive and that you are below the floor depth
  • Safety Stop display includes a recommended safety stop in the depth range of 20-10 feet (6-3 meters) for every dive deeper than 33 feet (10 meters)
  • Memory display includes high capacity logbook and profile memories with detailed dive information such as dive entry time/date, dive time, personal adjustments, possible violation notations, temperature at max depth, surface interval time and scrolling dive profiles with bookmarks
  • Advanced watch functions include calendar, alarm clock and stopwatch

Stinger PC Interface: The Stinger memory information can be downloaded to a PC with the Suunto Dive Manager (SDM) software and interface. SDM allows you to keep a complete computerized logbook, simulate dives and analyze and print your dive profiles. SDM even allows you to send your dive profiles to Divers Alert Network, thus contributing to DAN's global Project Dive Exploration. 

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