Southern Skin Divers Supply is older than any of the certification agencies in the world. PADI, NAUI, SSI, IDEA, YMCA, SSI, & TDI all use training techniques developed and pioneered by Southern. The certification agencies do two things for Scuba Schools; they print the books that we use, and they make the plastic cards that we issue. All training is done by SOUTHERN SKIN DIVER SUPPLY.

Right now we are offering executive scuba classes to our beginning dive students at no additional charge.

Private to semi- private lessons

Onsite indoor heated pool

We have full time instructors who are the owners; the 4 owners have been certified over 90 years and can answer all diving training requirements with experienced answers. We have over 10,000 dives amongst us and are experienced in treasure hunting, fossil hunting, cold water, photography, spear-fishing and tropical diving.                                                                                      

The Scuba School has been training longer than any other in the country and has made more divers than any school in Alabama.

Class is designed for any students even those with limited recreational time. We teach slow and thorough instead of fast and sloppy. Our new divers are much better divers than most new divers; at least that is what the boat captains and resorts tell us.

Our Scuba School has the best safety record in the United States. None of our students or divers have ever been hurt on any checkout trip or escorted trip in our 50-year history.

All of our Executive students become Passport Club members and get a lifetime parts warranty on their life support equipment, discounts on trips, and lifetime use of the pool with free air. The executive training program requires purchase of life support equipment at student discount prices from the scuba school. We are the Aqua-Lung dealer for this area. Aqua-Lung is the #1 manufacturer of scuba equipment in the world. 

We have a 6000 square ft training facility with a 14 ft deep 50 ft long indoor heated pool specifically designed for Scuba training.  Our store has the largest inventory of scuba and snorkeling equipment in the state. This training facility also includes:  showers, lockers, and a classroom with VCR and Slide projector.

The pool is designed so someone can learn like they were on a boat, the students can assemble their gear and then sit down on the benches alongside the pool to put it on, then you can stand up and take a giant stride forward into the pool. The pool is deep enough that when you jump in you do not hit the bottom. SSDS students get more experience equalizing their ears because the pool is 14 ft deep and they are going to equalize 3 times instead of just once like you would in an 8 ft pool.

Our pool is the 1st commercial pool in Jefferson County to use Bromine. Bromine does not fade your equipment the way chlorine does and it does not burn your eyes.

The pool is always available to our passport club members for practice. We allow swapping of equipment throughout the course of the classes to assure the proper fit and satisfaction of our divers.


Why Can Southern Do This And Others Canít?

  We have experienced most diving conditions and have the correct answers to your diving questions.

Our staff is friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and helpful and we are interested in making long-term divers not just signing someone up.

We own our own pool and do not have to rent one.

Our instructors are our owners and not just inexperienced part time instructors.

Our pool is available all the time not just once or twice a week.

If our students have to miss classes, that is no problem for us, because the student can make up any class when they need to.

No additional charge!

A True Diving Pioneer Passes - Bill Tant - "Cap'n Scuba"

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