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"Aqua-Lung makes the gear, SSDS makes the divers"

Aqua-Lung / U.S. Divers is the first, largest, best and most well-known SCUBA equipment manufacturer in the world. Southern Skin Divers Supply is the oldest and best SCUBA diving training school in the South. SSDS is one of the largest purchasers of Aqua-Lung equipment in the country and therefore receives the absolute lowest price available to any dealer. This enables SSDS to offer excellent prices and still be able to have the best training facility in Alabama.

SSDS wants to show its' appreciation to its' past customers. If you have bought a complete SCUBA package from SSDS and have kept your Passport current through annual servicing, then you are a Passport Club member and are paid in full. As long as you keep your Passport current you will receive all the benefits of membership.

The Passport itself is obtained through the purchase of all of the following equipment from SSDS:

Membership is maintained through the annual servicing of the equipment.

The Passport Club membership provides the following benefits:

Unlimited use of our own 14' deep, 50' long heated indoor pool

Aqua-Lung limited lifetime parts warranty

Free use of SCUBA tank & air when using the pool

Lower prices on labor charges (*parts at no charge)

Special free (or low cost) offers for members on trips, outings, training and seminars

A True Diving Pioneer Passes - Bill Tant - "Cap'n Scuba"

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