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Some of the stuff we've rescued recently. Keep watching for new recoveries!


                                                                      Rescued in central Alabama Feb 2008

Oct 2008

Here's a note & some pics from Steve where he recently cleaned a shell for the Alabama Historical Commission.

The pics show the complete process & then the finished product. Good Stuff!

Hi Mark,
This projectile is a 6.4 inch shell, it is not a case shot. It is a Parrott style Union projectile that was fired from a 100lb Parrott gun. The pictures show the uncleaned live shell through the various stages of preserving. I drilled the shell at my farm using a remote system so I would not be there if it blew up. It had black powder inside and this has been washed out now. I drilled in the side and washed it out many times over several days. You can now feel from end to end with a wire. I then used reverse electrolysis to clean the shell. It was so big that I could only do half then turn it over and do the other half. I then treated the shell inside and out with a tannic acid based rust converter. I've been using this for preserving iron for several years and I like the results. The shell turned out real nice. The museum needs to keep it in a controlled environment and not leave it outside. I am happy to preserve this for the people of Alabama. I will appreciate it if you can put a little tag with it that reads as follows. Unloaded, cleaned and preserved courtesy of Steve Phillips.

Let me know if I can help you with anything else. Sincerely,
Steve Phillips








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