Alaska Update

Alaska Update

Our Cabin
Our Cabin

A lot of our crew is busy gold-finding in Alaska right now where the current temperature is 46 & highs in the 60’s – sounds pretty nice compared against what we have here at home! Steve & Spencer have sent us some new pictures & a video. If you’re interested in knowing more, or just want to talk about adventures, you can contact Steve at 205-672-9310.

Here’s a video of one of Jimmie’s clean ups…..two weeks worth here on ===>>Vimeo

Spence brought me some sweetener for my coffee
Spence brought me some sweetener for my coffee

The ravens ripped into one of my boxes and stole 30 candy bars

Our inland camp on the Casadepaga River, 60 miles from Nome

One of our claims on Lower Willow & Ridgeway creek where we dredge gold

A friend flew in to visit us
A bucket off of a bucket line dredge that was at my claim
Spence, Jimmie and Rob caught Grayling for supper
We eat good
Spence at our containers in town with a muskox

Spence on an old bucket line dredge near one of our claims

Spence got into a few nuggets one day



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