Southern Skin Divers Supply is proud to be an Authorized Aqualung America Dealer. We carry a wide variety of Aqualung equipment for all types of diving enthusiast. 

Please be aware that not every business that advertises and sells Aqua Lung branded products is an Authorized Aqua Lung Dealer. Retailers that offer to sell and ship Aqua Lung or affiliate branded life support products by mail in response to mail, telephone, or Internet orders ARE NOT AUTHORIZED AQUALUNG AMERICA DEALERS.

If you purchase Aqua Lung or affiliate branded life support products by mail, telephone order, or electronically, you are purchasing from a non-authorized dealer and your products will not be covered by Aqua Lung America warranties. Aqua Lung America has not authorized any exceptions to the “in-store” sales policy.

When you buy Aqua Lung life support products from your authorized Aqua Lung dealer you are buying from trained professionals who can instruct you on the proper and safe use of your equipment. You also receive the Aqua Lung America factory warranties plus a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Unauthorized retailers offering Aqua Lung Scuba products acquire those products through unknown sources. Products purchased through unauthorized retailers are considered third party sales and are not eligible for Aqua Lung warranty protection, service, or support.

Aqua Lung cannot guarantee in any way the condition of the product you receive through these unauthorized retailers or guarantee:

  • The product is in fact an Aqua Lung product
  • The product contains all original and current Aqua Lung factory parts.
  • The product meets all original Aqua Lung factory specifications.

If you require warranty or non-warranty service on any Aqua Lung or affiliate branded product not purchased through an authorized Aqua Lung Dealer, you may be refused service by an Authorized Aqua Lung Dealer or may incur additional service charges.

Please note that non-factory authorized service or repair facilities:

  • Do not have access to authorized Aqua Lung parts
  • Do not have access to the latest technical bulletins.
  • Are not trained by Aqua Lung on proper service procedures for Aqua Lung or affiliate branded life support equipment.

As a means of protecting yourself, please contact Aqua Lung America if you have any questions about whether a retailer is an authorized and credible Aqua Lung Dealer.

Call (760) 597-5000 or go to the Aqua Lung Dealer Locator on our web site at