Panama City Flounder Trip

Panama City Flounder Trip

Join us for Fall Flounder in Panama City, Florida!

Fall is the best time of year for Flounder & we have privately chartered one of the newest dive boats in the area for our annual Flounder trip. Last year on this trip we took 180 in two days. The Flounder are in abundance and are closer to shore enabling us to stay in longer. If you already own a speargun it works fine but the best is a pole spear with a paralyzer tip. These are much less expensive than guns and much more practical for Flounder. This is a very enjoyable trip, especially if you like to eat fresh fish. On Saturday evening we will take some of our catch to the Captain’s Table Restaurant in St. Andrews and have them prepare our catch. There is nothing like fresh seafood and the Captain’s Table does a great job. We just received a shipment of the latest spear gun models available. Come by the Scuba School and check them out. You just might be interested in this type of diving.

We will primarily be hunting Grouper during the late Fall. Panama City has a lot of Red and Gag grouper in the 10 to 20 lbs range in 60 to 100 ft of water. The water temp should be in the low to mid 60’s. As usual we will also try to get some Mangrove Snappers, Triggerfish, Flounders and Amberjacks. Our private charter for these weekend adventures is one of the nicest spear-friendly vessels in the panhandle.


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  • Passport Members: $000.00
  • Non Member Students: $000.00
  • Passport Member tag along price: $000.00



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