Alpha Ranch Destroyed

Alpha Ranch Destroyed

Alabama has been hit by the worst natural disaster in my lifetime.  When something like this happens anywhere in the world, people like myself and many of you want to help and don’t know how.  We can always give money to organized charities, but not all of that money goes to the ones who need it, and takes too long to trickle down to them.  
Let me tell you about Alpha Ranch.  Gary Liverett and his family are friends of mine.  His children went to school with my sons.  Gary’s family owns Alpha Ranch near Ashville, Alabama.  Alpha Ranch is a 501C non profit corporation that has for over 20 years provided a home for foster kids that have a troubled past.  The Liveretts provide a wonderful farm environment to change the kids into productive, happy people.  I’ve watched the success of Alpha Ranch helping people since it started.  He teaches them construction and farming.  They built my barn and fences, as well as bringing the hay to feed my cows.  I raise cows, but I don’t do it very well.  The Liveretts raise human beings and do it very well.  Alpha Ranch is located in a beautiful remote valley that was wonderful until the tornado came this week.  
Gary had a heart attack the morning of the tornado.  When the tornado came, Gary and his wife were in the hospital.  Gary’s daughter Kelly and her husband Aaron were home with their own nine children.  They had plenty of warnings of the coming storm, so they called their neighbors who didn’t have a basement to come to their house.  Four families were in their house at Alpha Ranch when the tornado came up their little valley.  All the people went into the basement and hid in the closets and rooms.  Thirty-seven terrified souls were huddled there when the rest of the house blew away.  They all survived, but many of their neighbors not in the house did not.  At least 13 people died in the valley, and the deputies say there are probably 20 dead there.  I don’t think there were over 30 houses in the valley.  Three houses were on Alpha Ranch.  They are all totally gone along with the barns and workshop.  Most of their vehicles were destroyed.  They have lost everything but their lives.  One house was uninsured because of the cost of liability insurance for the troubled kids.  
Today I went up there to take them a computer and printer that The SCUBA School and I bought them so they can communicate.  It was a very sad place to be.  If you are like my family and me and were spared by the weather, and want to help those who were not spared, Alpha Ranch can use your help.  They need farm equipment, vehicles, and money.  These people deserve help and Alpha Ranch needs to be rebuilt as soon as possible.  Please help if you can. 
Alpha Ranch
1000 Alpha Ranch Drive
Ashville, Al.   35953

Phone 205-594-7834 when they get the phone lines working and a place to sit the phone.

Steve, Forrest, and Spencer Phillips and Mark Tant
Southern Skin Divers Supply

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