Honduran Islands of Utila and Roatan and Current Events

Honduran Islands of Utila and Roatan and Current Events

Hello Divers,

We have just returned from another international dive adventure.  This one was to the Honduran Islands of Utila and Roatan.  For this week of diving we privately chartered one of newest and largest dive Liveaboards in the world, The Utila Aggressor.  Our group of 18 spent this Spring Break diving the various reefs, sea mounts, and wreck dives.  On one dive site, Cara A Cara, we enjoyed the company of 6 or so Caribbean Reef Sharks which made for some excellent photo opportunities.  Another site had several 50-150 lbs Black Groupers and Cubera Snappers with us for most of the dive.  One fish we did not want to see was quite abundant. 
As many of you know, the Lionfish is an invasive species to the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf waters.  In the Indian and Pacific Oceans this beautiful fish has natural predators that keep it from taking over.  This is not the case in the Caribbean.  They rapidly reproduce here and are indiscriminate predators.  We were primarily taking photos while diving but we did manage to kill over 100 of the Lionfish while we were there.  Lionfish are excellent in Ceviche and we even had some Lionfish Pizza.  If you are interested in seeing some more pictures from this trip please go to Mark’s photo website at marktant.com
Most of our wreck and spearfishing trips to Panama City, FL and Orange Beach, AL for April, May and June are sold out.  In this newsletter we are only going to have trips and classes that have spaces available. Please let us know right away if you want to go.

Upcoming Trips
SSDS has many trip options in the next few months.  All of these listed have availability right now.  If you are wanting to go, please let us know quickly because we are selling them every day. 
June 4-11, 2011 Bonaire
June 3-5, Shallow Water Wreck Diving, Panama City
July 29-31, Offshore Wreck Diving, Panama City, FL
June & July Orange Beach, AL & Panama City, FL Spearfishing (every weekend)
September 17-24, 2011 Fiji
March 17-24, 2012 Cayman Islands Liveaboard

Get the details on these trips ==> HERE

Continuing Education 
April 16th – 9:00 am at The SCUBA School Enriched Air NITROX

All of the details on this class, and our upcoming Stress and Rescue Courses are in my previous post.

Forrest Phillips
Southern Skin Divers Supply
4515 5th Ave South
Birmingham, AL   35222

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